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  • Plastic Mold Making, China Mold Manufacturer

    ■ In-house tooling design (we have more than 17 rich-experience mold designer)
    ■ High precision Wire cut EDM
    ■ Mirror polishing EDM
    ■ Mold flow Analysis (before mold design, we should run mold flow analysis to avoid the potential trouble-shot on mass production, optimize the mold design to benifit plastic injection mold making.

    • Specifications

    Completing your high precision mold in China mold maker as low labor costs allow for an attention to detail that is prohibitively expensive in the West.

    We make use of current molding techniques, including the following:
    Face-mounted inserts for quick change.
    Regular scheduled mold maintenance.
    Use of rheologically balanced runners.
    Use of quick mold change systems.
    Mold design practices that allow for future flexibility in production.
    CNC surface grinding

    Obtaining precision dimensions inside cores and cavities across entire tools means that each individual block has to be precisely positioned and aligned within its seat. CNC techniques enable external surfaces to be as flat and square as possible and to be very accurately positioned relative to core and cavity locations.

    Please contact us at the MSC Group for more information, a quick quote, or other inquiries.

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